About this blog

As stated by its name, this blog talks about… Event Storming.

If you don’t know what Event Storming is about, read the essence of Event Storming.

In the blog, you will:

  • Read stories about Event Storming in practice
  • Learn how to run your own workshop with full Event Storming guides
  • Benefit from tips to run your Event Storming sessions

This blog is open source, which means that contributions and guest posts are welcome! If you wish to help us, checkout the GitHub Repo.

Who is this blog for?

This blog is for people who work in software organizations, and who belive that there is a better way to work together!

Read this blog to learn how to use Event Storming to break silos and to find the middle way between centralization and chaos.

What if I don’t have a technical background?

Event Storming emerged from the Domain-Driven Design community, which mostly consists of developers and architects. Yet, one objective of this blog is to bring Event Storming to the masses, out of the technical circles.

About us

We are Philippe and Matthieu, two agile coaches working at Murex.

Philippe specializes in technical coaching. He owns a blog and is a regular speaker at software development conferences.

Matthieu is skilled in agile product management and professional coaching.

We both learnt agility by practicing it as members of operational software development teams. For this reason, we appreciate concrete stuff. We’ll do our best to keep this blog practical and down-to-earth.


Big thanks to Murex for supporting us in maintaining this blog. Murex is hiring, check Murex’s career website if you are interested.