Close collaboration between business and tech is great on paper… but how do you do it, concretely?

Event Storming looks like a great way to get started, but it’s a scary beast to master! How do I actually run this workshop with more than 10 people?

This mini Event Storming e-book is a step by step guide that will successfully lead you through your first workshop!

  • It’s short to be short and will read it in less than 1 hour
  • It covers the 3 main flavors of Event Storming
  • It contains a chapter about remote facilitations
  • It will save you from typical mistakes with 25 facilitation tips that we learnt the hard way

And guess what? It even contains drawings! Start reading now, and in 1 hour, you’ll be ready to run your first Event Storming.

Is this book for you?

This book is for people who work in software organizations, and who belive that there is a better way to work together!

Read this book to learn how to use Event Storming to break silos and to find the middle way between centralization and chaos.

What if I don’t have a technical background?

Event Storming emerged from the Domain-Driven Design community, which mostly consists of developers and architects. Yet, one objective of this book is to bring Event Storming to the masses, out of the technical circles.

Table of Content

1. The essence of Event storming

2. 3 short stories to illustrate how event storming can be used

3. Big picture Event Storming

4. Design Level Event Storming

5. Event Storming the flow

6. Remote facilitation

  • Rethinking Event Storming in remote
  • References to go further

7. General tips for Event Storming

  • 4 tips that will make your Big Picture Event Storming successful
  • 21 More Event Storming Tips
  • 7 tactics that will make your Design-Level Event Storming pay-off

8. Conclusion


Big thanks to Murex for supporting us in writing this Event Storming book. Murex is hiring, check Murex’s career website if you are interested.