Engage the participants during your next Event Storming thanks to the Delegated Missions

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How to engage your participants in an Event Storming? Delegate missions to individuals in the group! If you are an Event Storming practitioner, we have created a DIY workshop for you, so your next session will be the smoothest and most engaging one!

“So sad not everyone was participating equally“

An event storming facilitator

Did you ever facilitate an Event-Storming that felt more like light freezing rain than a tropical storm?

Event Storming is terrific… when it works! How do you ensure that all participants contribute as much as possible? How to keep them engaged? How to have the group feel responsible for their outcomes? How to have participants feel on charge instead of counting only on you to lead them at every moment?

We have found that you can achieve the above with the Delegated Missions

The Delegated Missions are five critical missions that participants volunteer to carry out for the benefit of the group. These five missions (facilitator, timekeeper, intent keeper, decision pusher, and meta-feedbacker) correspond to five key ingredients of the success of any collective event.

The delegated missions can bring your Event Storming sessions to a whole new level. When participants use the Delegated Missions in an Event Storming, they truly self-organize and maximize their Return.On.Time.Invested!

At this point, you are probably thinking:

“It sounds great, but this is yet another new practice! How can I introduce it to my team?“

The good news is: we made it easy for you with this DIY workshop!

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